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6-week online design course

Become a UI/UX designer in 2019 and get the skills needed to create the future. Learn the fundamentals of design from top industry experts and get empowered with the knowledge needed to begin your creative technology journey.

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Design 101 is a program created by Senpai to attract and impact as many people as we can with the basic knowledge of design.

This program spans 6 weeks and is open to both new and existing design enthusiasts who wish to improve their skills and join our community of creative technology talents. Times are changing and we as creative people need to equip ourselves with the skills needed to thrive in the new world. We are certain this course becomes the one thing that propels you on your journey to greater heights.

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Course syllabus and requirements

"Design is about problem solving. It’s often closely associated with art, but aesthetics are just one part of a well-designed product."

In week one we would give you a rundown of design, the various posibilities of specializations of design. We would go over the design principles and elements and how you can apply them to solve problems. We would teach you how to think like a designer (design thinking) and how to see like a designer. We would go over the role of design in technology and what the future holds. We would also learn how to use a design tool (figma) and will understand how to apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We hope to get you warmed up for the rest of the course.

Learning Objectives

  • Get more comfortable with design.
  • Get familiar with a primary design tool.
  • Understand the concepts and principles of design and design thinking.
  • Understand and be able to apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of need.
  • “Good design shows you what you need to see, when you need to see it, making everything more clearly defined.”

    In week two you will be introduced to Visual Hierarchy which will help you understand the ordering of elements and how it can influence the user’s perception and focus. We would also introduce you to the concept of visual Weight and how to make some elements appear more important than others. We would guide you into creating a project to test your Visual Hierarchy and Visual Weight knowledge.

    Learning Objectives

  • Be able to apply Visual Weight to create a good design.
  • Understand Visual Hierarchy and Visual Weight.
  • Be able to apply Visual Hierarchy to create a good design
  • “Layout is about visual harmony, structure, guiding the user’s attention, and creating an enjoyable experience, ”

    In week three we would introduce you to basic layout concepts in design and how to create visually appealing layouts. We would introduce you to the grid system and how to use a grid when designing a layout. We would teach how to create wireframes that would communicate visual hierarchy and layout of content.

    Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic concepts of layouts and visual design
  • Use grid when designing a layout.
  • Create wireframes that will show visual hierarchy
  • Communicate the layout of content using wireframes.
  • “Good Typography is Art”

    In week four we would introduce you typography and how you can pair typefaces that work. We would help you understand fonts, typeface and their personalities. You will get to understand the difference between fonts and typefaces. We would teach you how to select appropriate fonts and typefaces for any design work. We would teach you more concepts under typography like kerning, tracking and leading. You would also learn how to design for readability.

    Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difference between fonts and typefaces.
  • Select appropriate typefaces for a design project.
  • Pair typefaces well.
  • Create readable designs (design for readability).
  • Understand the concepts: Kerning, Tracking and Leading and be able to apply them in design.
  • “Colors must fit together as pieces in a puzzle”

    In week five we would introduce you to the concepts, meaning and elements of color. You will learn how to create your own color scheme for your design. We would go over the significance of color and how it influences design. You would learn how to spot color variations in images and how to create your own palette from an image.

    Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concepts and terminologies under color.
  • Know how to create your own color scheme and palette.
  • Understand the association between colors and images.
  • Understand the significance of color.
  • “Design Process is an endless loop of hope”

    In week six we would introduce you to the design process and go further into design thinking. We would go through a live process to help you understand how to produce a design piece using the Design Process. You would learn how to put everything you have learned so far together to create a presentable and acceptable design. You will be introduced to design research and how to create design documents (documentation). We would teach you how to create flows in design and how to choose the right scope foe a design project. You would be required to create your own project and apply everything you have learnt so far in the Design101 course.

    Learning Objectives

  • Understand the design process and be able to solve problems with the design process
  • Be able to create a full project with all the knowledge learnt throughout the course
  • Understand and create flows in design.
  • Create useful documentations for design projects.
  • Know how to choose the right scope for a project.
  • Here is a list of things needed to take this course

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