Senpai is a social innovative design company, that empowers creative people with the skills, resources and environment needed to design a better future.

We provide design-centered technical teams and expertise to innovative startups, brands, and social organizations who are working on projects we believe in. We help them,

Our Process


We begin all projects by spending time with our clients/partners, we listen to their needs and goals, their motivations and fears. We gather as much information as we can about where their business is now and where they want it to be. The goal of this stage is to fully align with our clients/partners so we can provide the best services that would drive actually growth in their business/cause


In the next phase, we take all we have learned about their goals and needs and we plan out the best possible strategies needed to drive growth, impact and revenue. We take into account the total brand experience and not just the technology, this in-turn allows us to create memorable products and experiences for our clients/partners.

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This is the fun part, and where everything comes together. We go ahead and create and deploy world-class experiences, products, and services that are carefully and beautifully designed by the smartest minds in the creative technology ecosystem. The results we achieve for our clients/partners enables them maximise their return on investment because we take time to design and build human centered solutions, letting our clients/partners focus on the business while we handle the technology, design and strategy.

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Our Impact

When we are not engaged with clients/partners, we are building in-house companies, brands, and projects that tackle social problems and grow our community.

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