Senpai is a social impact design company, building a state of connectedness, trust and collaboration amongst creative youths in Africa.

We design and build brands that tackle social problems

At the core of Senpai is a full service social impact design studio harnessing the creative potential of youths in africa to design and build brands that connect, empower, and creating new opportunities for communities in Africa.♻️🌍

Our Products

Social Impact Design Consultation

We are passionate about solving social problems in creative and innovative ways and we are actively learning about new ways to partner with social entrepreneurs, organizations, and foundations to increase their impact and drive the mission to a more sustainable future. Our impact design consultation allows us to understands our clients desired state and offer custom design solutions that help them achieve their goals.

Brand Impact Strategy Workshop

Brand impact strategy is a facilitated 1-day creative workshop that helps community-driven organisations and startups define their vision, brand and community needs, while helping them discover and create new strategic roadmaps to increase their brand impact and grow their communities.

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Social Impact Design Sprint

The social impact design sprint is a 7-day facilitated design thinking workshop for rapidly coming up with and testing solutions to complex social challenges, creating innovative products and services, or improving existing processes and systems. It compresses potentially months of work into just a few days.

Our Works

SENPAI ACADEMY (coming soon)

Logo design, Ui design, Web design


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Our Community Impact Programs

Partnering with social organizations helps us drive impact for other communities, sustains our core team, and creates profits that enable us drive our social impact programs.

Our focus

In 6 months, we have trained over 400 youths on the fundamentals of design with 40% being females

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we love to work on social projects with organizatoins that value good design.
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